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You are required to research and choose articles relevant to how HR can be seen as a competitive advantage and post the article or link to an article for everyone to read

Discussion 1.

You are required to research and choose articles relevant to how HR can be seen as a competitive advantage and post the article or link to an article for everyone to read. The post must include a summary of salient points that will entice your classmates to read the article.

You must post topic relevant links or citations in this forum by midnight Wednesday and respond to at least two (2) students by midnight on Saturday.

Describe a way that HR can be seen as a competitive advantage.

Solutions to Questions – Management, HRM & Related Fields


You have been recently promoted to lead a new division of Company XYZ. This company is known for its team-oriented atmosphere, and your boss has raved about some of your natural leadership qualities. Your first task is to assemble the best team possible from the potential candidates found below. An explanation of the skills–motivation matrix can be found in your textbook. Read each description, and provide the following information in a two- to three-page double-spaced document:
1. Classify each team member into one of the four matrix areas.
2. Discuss the recommended action for each employee depending on his/her classification.
3. Distinguish if your role as the leader will be a facilitator, coach, or a combination of the two.
4. Examine which team competencies would benefit from shared leadership.





Evaluate the internal processes or strategies within an organization in which you are involved, such as your workplace, school, church, or community group, in order to identify a problem that provides an opportunity for innovation. Then, determine an innovative solution for addressing that problem. Examples of potential solutions are entering a new market, implementing a new practice or process, or even changing management structures. The ultimate goal of your solution should be to increase the diffusion of innovation within the organization and contribute to a culture that appreciates innovation as a key to competitive advantage and organizational success.

Though your final paper will not be due until the end of the course, you should identify your problem and generate potential solutions early on. Begin drafting your implementation plan in stages as you work through the course topics. As with your CLC project, you should research and select a model for evaluating both the feasibility of your idea and the implementation plan.

  1. Describe the problem your innovation targets. What is the scope of the problem and which stakeholders, both within the organization and without, does it impact?
  2. Describe your innovation and explain how it addresses the problem. How will it meet the needs of the organization and all stakeholders involved?
  3. How does the innovation contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage?
  4. Develop an implementation plan for effectively diffusing the innovation within the organization. Make sure the plan addresses potential resistance and obstacles, including people and processes.
  5. Identify an appropriate method that could be used for measuring the impact of the innovation on the organization. Explain why you think this is a relevant measure.
  6. Finally, assume your innovation is adopted by the organization. Make recommendations for additional improvements within in this organization (in processes, practices, structures, etc.) that could create and sustain momentum for innovation.

Include at least eight in-text citations from at least five secondary resources from your research.



Why is it important to consider and develop basic research design before conducting the study and why is the unit of analysis an integral part of the research design? Support your answer with example.



Article review

Select a current, professional journal article that is at least three pages in length. You must write a critical assessment of this article for this assignment. Keep in mind, the research databases found in the Online Library are a great source for quick exploration of thousands of articles.

In preparation, follow the guidelines established below:

Find an article (that is less than five years old) that pertains to the important issues leaders or consultants will face when working with various types of teams, and discuss what methods are best to use for developing better teams for the future. Be sure to annotate the author’s main points and thesis statement in your own words.
The critique should be approximately three pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages). Plan early to avoid missing the deadline.

Part I: Introduction
Start the critique with the following information: the author’s name, the article title, and the author’s thesis statement.

Part II: Summary
Summarize the author’s purpose and main points, providing examples for clarity of understanding the author’s intended implications. Share key topics that support the author’s focus for this article. Provide ample details to enlighten the reader as to what the article is implying for audiences who are seeking research data in regards to team building and/or the different types of teams (e.g., virtual, temporary, traditional, or innovative).

Part III: Review and Evaluate
To critically review the article, ask the following questions: What are the credentials/areas of expertise of the author? Did the author use appropriate methods to gather the evidence? Did the author use accurate evidence? Does the author’s use and interpretation of this evidence lead the reader to the same conclusion? Did the author build a logical argument? Is there other evidence that would support a counterargument? Was the author successful in making his/her point?

Part IV: Conclusion
State whether you agree with the author or not. Back up your decisions by stating your reasons. Give a general opinion of the work. Explain what you learned from reading the article and if you would recommend it to a friend/coworker.

Part V: Application
Predict some of the major challenges that teams will face in the future, and explain why the need for teamwork will remain high as it relates to the article. Identify a team-building activity that may be useful for managing teams in the future, and explain why.

Format your paper using APA style. Refer to the resources provided in the Student Portal. Use your own words and expressions to write the critique. Include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. The paper should consist of three pages of body paragraphs, one title page, and one reference page (as the final page).

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Recruitment and staffing proposal

Recruitment and Staffing Proposal Worth up to 18 points or 18 % of total grade in the course. Objective of the assignment: The objective of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the steps required to recruit and staff for an important segment of the workplace and to demonstrate ayour strategic skills to the CEO. You will share some of the essential strategic and administrative steps for this important function of Human Resources and will include metrics for which to evaluate the recruitment and selection approach that will be implemented.

The situation:

Suppose that you are the new HR Director at HSS (the case study presented in our Course Resources under modules) and you have already made a presentation to the CEO and the Board of Directors on the need for HR planning and enhanced strategic role that HR must play in the organization. After that presentation, and having read the research on managing human resources strategically that you have presented (assignment 2 literature review), the CEO confides that she has been thinking about how the senior staff in the organization are recruited and selected.

As a result, she has asked you to propose new recruitment and selection methods for the senior level employees. Deliverable: The CEO’s directive to you is to prepare a short (approximately five-page double spaced) proposal that includes at the least:

  1. A cover memo to the CEO providing an overview of the task assigned and a summary of your proposal
  2. A description of at least three recruitment approaches that could be considered
  3. A description of at least three selection approaches that could be considered
  4. A cost/benefit analysis and comparison of the approaches of both the recruitment and selection approached
  5. Metrics the organization could use to evaluate the effectiveness of the on-going recruitment and selection of senior level employees. Propose at least three metrics for the evaluation (include the time frame for your evaluation period such as six months after entry into the position).
  6. Your recommended approach and your arguments/justification to defend your choices.
  7. A conclusion section that includes a summary of the approaches recommended, the benefits and any other aspects to the proposal you want to highlight.

Notes: Use topic headings to organization your presentation, include in-text citations for statements of fact, and provide a reference page if in text citations are used in the proposal, use professional level language and writing.

Additional resources: Module three (found in week three) offers some information helpful about how to recruit. You may add to your thoughts by researching the topic but following are a few articles you may find helpful. If the links do not work, please just cut and paste them into your browser. The last resource I’ve listed is a very good research article from the Center for Creative Leadership about selecting executives. If the links do not work, please copy and paste into your browser.

Clear Fit. (2012, November 22). How Recruiting Methods Have Changed Over the Past Ten Years. Retrieved from Clear Fit:

Demarco, E. & Rossini, R. (2013, August 13). Creative recruiting: 7 innovative ways to land your dream hire. Retrieved from

Chris Joseph, eHow Contributor. (n.d.). The Advantages of Recruitment From Newspaper Want Ads. Retrieved January 30, 2014, from

Giles, Karl. “7 Benefits of Social Media of Recruitment.” 7 Benefits of Social Media of Recruitment. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.


Root, George N. “Advantages & Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment.” Small Business. Chron, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.


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Case Study

Worth 20 points and 20% of course grade. Objective of this assignment: This activity serves as a final assessment for the course. It provides you the opportunity to demonstrate how well you have achieved the learning outcomes of the course.

You are to provide your knowledge of the strategic and administrative function of Human Resources by thinking about the situation of Southwest Airlines recent merger and their expansion.


Read and reflect on the case study below and prepare a response paper of not less than five pages (excluding title and reference pages) with appropriate in text citations.

Demonstrate your research and analytical skills in developing your comprehensive paper by using the organizations website and outside articles written about the organization to supplement the information provided in the case study. However, the case study is unique in that it is focused on the HR ramifications and most of the outside reports you will locate articulate the business side of the merger or expansion possibilities.

Tailor your paper to the HR ramifications of the merger and expansion. Keep in mind that the purpose of this final assessment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the strategic and administrative function of Human Resources. While the business side of the situation is the foundation, it is the command of the needed tasks and role for the Human Resource function that you are to focus most of your attention.

Key Components

The key components of the paper are as follows:

1. Title page

2. Introduction in which you restate the issue(s) and state the purpose of the paper

3. SWOT analysis from the HR perspective

4. Recommendations to address the issues. Scholarly research is expected to support the recommendations. Examples of issues that may want to be elaborated upon may be possible redundant positions, maintaining the culture of both organizations (or not), combining compensation and benefits plans and union involvement (just to name some)

5. There are many tasks for recruiting and hiring for the expansion (in various global locations). Think about and list what those tasks are

6. Provide the metrics for evaluating the outcomes of the expansion of the organization (again, from an HR perspective).

7. Synthesize and summarize your thoughts about the merger and expansion (from an HR perspective), including recommendations for aligning the HR function of the two organizations and addressing any of the S.W.O.T. assessment HR related elements as appropriate

8. Reference page containing at least five scholarly references cited in the paper and presented in APA guideline format


Southwest Airlines is a major airline in the United States with limited flights outside the country. The organization has a strong culture which is described in the following excerpt from Gary Kelly, CEO Southwest Airlines found on the Southwest Airlines Website.Living the Southwest Way Living the Southwest Way (Gary Kelly states that)…..I ask three things of the 46,000 Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways

Employees every day: Work hard, have fun, and treat everyone with respect. We call this Living the Southwest Way, and it comprises three characteristics that we look for in job candidates and require of our Employees: a Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude. While it may sound simple (and it is), the impact can be profound. Our Culture has long been admired and has earned Southwest much recognition, including a yearly spot on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list (we ranked seventh this year) and the distinction of being named one of the Best Places to Work in’s 2013 Employees’ Choice Awards.

Our Culture is not a program or a campaign; it is the sum of the personalities and behaviors of our People who Live the Southwest Way every day. (The following is fiction but is the situation to consider for this assignment). Due to the recent acquisition of AirTran Airways and with the possibility of acquiring other airlines that will expand the organization to other countries, Southwest Airlines will add thousands of employees quickly from any number of existing airlines in a variety of global locations. Faced with the tasks of maintaining the values of the organization, consider and propose steps the Human Resources team will need to take to achieve a successful merger of the two companies and to expand to additional global locations.

PLEASE NOTE: Much has been written about Southwest Airlines, its culture and the recent merger. While that information may be used as reference material, the situation you have been asked to use for your application of your knowledge about HR is unique. Do not merely cut and paste from what you find in the documents you locate.

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Research Apple Inc.. Find a minimum of one library source, which will support your thesis in this assignment. Review your assigned weekly lecture and text reading. Select from this reading 3-5 key concepts, which will also support your thesis. In a two to three page paper, address the questions below. Your paper should follow APA format including a title and reference page. The two to three page paper length requirement does NOT include the title page and reference page. Refer to your classroom area titled Policies and Guideline: Using APA Standards in Your Coursework to ensure you are following the correct format.

Describe both the formal and informal communication methods within the organization. Address whether or not the organization uses effective communication techniques. Evaluate the role culture plays in both the formal and informal methods of communication. Make recommendations for improvement for both informal and formal communications. Describe how the organization uses teams. Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of teams based on the model of team effectiveness described by Daft.




Research paper

Assessment Overview:
Write an individual paper on a company in the textiles or fashion industry. You will apply various product development and production management tools, with the view of appraising the best structure and strategies for the organisation with a strong focus on sustainability and industry standards.
Assignment instructions:
This individual research paper will demonstrate the application of thorough research in all the aspects of product development, production management, quality assurance and quick response practices.
Having chosen a company within the textiles or fashion industry, examine and appraise the product development and production management strategies. Include quality assurance strategies, quick response practices employed and sustainability systems as part of your appraisal and assessment.
Reflect on these strategies and practices and assess in relation to the chosen companys industry sector. Examine industry practices of quality management and sustainability systems and reflect on and assess your companys practices against this industry benchmark.
The following criteria will be considered and assessed:
Choice of Label for Analysis
Structure and flow of presentation
Correct bibliography and referencing
Thorough research from primary and secondary sources 5
Depth of topic, research and reference material 5
Examination and appraisal of the following systems:
– Product development
– Production management
– Quality management
– Quick response practices
– Sustainability systems 10
Evaluation of company product management practices against industry benchmarks 10
Submission information:
Work is to be logically organised, submitted electronically on eCampus and each page should be identified with the
students name and student identification number.
Meet the required word count of 2000 words (+1-) 10%
Size 12 Arial Font
1.5 line spacing and margins of 2.5cm
Cover Sheet is to be attached
Numbered headings
Page numbers
Contents page
Use appropriate academic language including APA referencing.
Include a minimum of 8 references from varied sources (including textbooks, journals, case studies, magazines, the
Internet, utilise various library databases, etc.).
Note late assessments attract a penalty of 5% per working day, for up to 5 working days after which time the
mark will be zero.
This is a formal academic written assessment. As such, it must be structured in an appropriate format that both conveys the
topic of discussion and reflects what is being discussed.
The assessment should consist of:
– Synopsis / Introduction / Body of discussion / Conclusion / Bibliography & Appendices if required.
– Visual references should be used where relevant and electronic files made as small as possible.
– Do not include images or graphics for interest only; they must contribute to the discussion and critique of the topic.



Questions Week 2


Questions Week 2

Please answer the following four questions. Please answer 2 question each page ordered.

Course Textbook

Dessler, G. (2015). Human resource management (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

1. Define high-performance work systems and provide four examples of HR practices that promote this performance.


What is talent management, according to your textbook? How is it used to acquire, improve, and retain a company’s best employees?

3. Each business unit needs a business-level competitive strategy. Describe the three kinds of strategies they use to realize competitive advantage. Provide examples of companyies using each strategy.

4. Read “HR Practices Around the Globe,” p. 68 in your textbook, and answer Discussion Question 3-1.



3. Are you convinced of Hursthouse’s ethical naturalism? If so, why? If not, why not?

Case Project


Case Project

For this project, make sure you find out as much information about your company, topic, or individual as you can. Tell what the circumstances were, how the scandal was discovered, why the legislation was needed, tell any interesting facts that will bring the story to life. Who are the players? Do you think the outcome fit the crime or circumstances? Do you think the right people were brought to punishment? Did the legislation work? Were you able to find red flags that might have preceded the unethical behavior? What are the lasting implications of this situation. Who was hurt by the unethical behavior? Have fun with this and make it interesting!

The paper should be at least 3 pages, single-spaced in length. You will need to cite your sources (at least three) and you can format this any way you would like. You will submit your paper through Canvas.

We will be having a case study presentation done by one of the Big Four and your attendance is required at this event. This will occur on March 24th. We will be having a class discussion on your papers on Thursday March 26th. There will be NO makeup assignments given if you do not attend! You will just miss out on the points for this portion of the case project.

This project is worth 100 points. You can receive up to 30 points for participation and your paper is worth 70 points.

You can only submit a word document or a pdf for this assignment!! If you submit any other format, you will not receive credit!

Here are the choices you can choose from for your paper:

The Bernie Madoff scandal

The Enron scandal

The end of Lehman Brothers

Case Presentation 1 Rubric:
Quality of Writing 15 pts
3 Sources Cited 10 pts
Description of Topic 10 pts
Analysis of Case 20 pts
Implications of the Case 15 pts

Human Resources (HR) analytical report

Human Resources (HR) analytical report

Project description

You are required to prepare an analytical report of 3000 words on an organisation of your choice. in which you review the effectiveness of talent planning and talent development in relation to future business requirements. you will be expected to undertake the following specific investigations in order to complete this assignment.

1.A brief introduction providing background information on the organisation and an examination of the corporate goals or strategy that are planned for the company for the next 3 years. explanation of the internal and external factors, using SWOT and/or PESTLE analyses, which could influence the supply and demand of skilled human resources

3.a critical assessment of how talent planning and talent development is currently achieved in the organisation, and an evaluation of its contribution to organisational success.
-and going forward within the context of the main changes expected
-specific recommendations for improvement to talent planning and development with consideration given to a provisional implementation plan- including finance, time ,resources etc.

The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:


performance Management;

As a global HR specialist, what are the cross-cultural challenges you may face in attempting to use HR best practices as performance interventions in a multinational context? Critically evaluate this question by utilising the appropriate academic literatures to justify relevance and effectiveness of the HRM/OB tools under consideration.

•    The theoretical and changing HRM landscape – e.g., the move from Personnel Management, SHRM, RBV, models of HRM and HR Best Practices.

•    Significance of HR best practices and organisational behaviour (OB) tools e.g.

1    Employee Training,

2    Performance Management,

3    Empowerment,

4    Employee Commitment

in assisting managers coping with cross-cultural dynamics of the contemporary workplace. (We have to choose one of those four)

I have choose the Performance Management

•    Assumptions underpinning the way in which HR best practices are being propagated, particularly in different multinational/cross-cultural environments. (we have to choose multi-culture company)

•    The influence of culture vis-a-vis the ‘enactment’ of HR best practices and the attendant OB theoretical tools in the management of individuals and the organisation – tease out the complexities and cultural tensions associated with implementation of HR best practices in a MNC.

1-    Introduction       ( you must use Lecture 1 and your adding )

i.    Evolving scope of human resource management and personnel management

ii.     the distinction between human resource management and Personnel management

iii.     Human resource practices (soft and hard HRM)

iv.    Best practices.

2- Performance management  (  please for this sector you have to read the all lectures specially 2,4 )

i.    introduction

ii.    conceptual foundations (theories)

iii.    types of performance management

3-Balanced Scorecard         ( we have use one of 360 or 180 or balance score card

I.    Perspective

II.    Culture dimension (MNC


When, who, where, what USED ( the topic you will use ) + (Advantage, Disadvantage)

And you have to talk about the 4 perspective on overview the choose two of them .

Then talk about the 4 Hofstede culture then talk about two of them and it must be in multinational company. Please see lecture 5

4- Conclusion


Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

Assignment Sheet – Business Memo

You work for a regional bank in the Human Resources Department. One of your duties is hiring college interns. You do routine credit checks on these interns and know that many of them carry student loan debt and are struggling financially. The bank, like many other employers, requires a sufficiently high credit score before it will hire an employee on a permanent basis. You want to help the college interns to raise their credit scores to increase their chances of getting hired as regular employees.

The Assignment:
Write a 3-4 page memo to the college interns employed at your bank to inform them about credit scores, their importance, and measures they can take to raise their scores. The information is available at (see the Education tab). Remember to use your best writing practices including a direct style, conciseness, lists where appropriate, and sufficient white space to make the document easy to scan. The content must still be comprehensive, and grammar, style, and punctuation must be correct.


Human Resources – FMLA

Human Resources – FMLA


Assignment 3 Instructions:

1. 1500 words not including reference page
2. No more than 25% of the assignment can be cited.
3. At least 3-4 sources should be used.
4. My school uses software to detect originality.
5. Please follow the instructions and scenario below.
6. Please read the notes under several of bullets
7. This assignment should be in a memo format – no introduction needed, no double spacing needed, can use blocking.


1. Define and apply legal terminology to employment issues.
2. Examine the relationship between employment law and HR policies.
3. Examine the range of legal liability for HR.

The Elora Jean &amp; Co. owner has come to you asking for guidance on a few issues that were brought to her attention. With the rapidly growing workforce, an increasing number of employees have requested extended time off from work. The owner does not want to grant the time off because of its effect on productivity.

When asked for examples of the requests, she provides you with the following scenarios:

• Employee #1 has been with Elora Jean &amp; Co. for 13 months. She has requested time off to help care for her terminally ill mother-in-law. She is not sure how long she will need to be out of work, but it could be as long as 3 months.

• Employee #2 has been with Elora Jean &amp; Co. for 18 months. His wife just had a baby, and he is asking to take 6 weeks off of work to help with the new responsibilities at home.

• Employee #3 developed health problems since her start with Elora Jean &amp; Co. 7 months ago. Her work attendance is unpredictable. She has exhausted all of her sick days and advised her supervisor that her doctor is requiring her to stay home for a period of 6 weeks.

• Employee #4, who has been with Elora Jean since the company started, has a son that has been called to active duty for the military. Her son, who is a single parent, has a 3-year-old daughter who needs to be cared for. The employee wants to take 8 weeks off work to get her granddaughter situated and transitioned into a new routine as her father leaves to fulfill his military responsibilities abroad.

As the human resources (HR) consultant, you have many questions, and you would like to gather all of the necessary information before providing additional guidance or recommendations. You are aware of the company’s legal limitations and discretions, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The owner has also advised you that the company has no formal leave policy for any type of employee absence, other than 7 paid sick days per year.

NOTE: We have union and nonunion employees. Why didn’t the union address leave in its contract?

After conducting your research, in a memo to the owner, address the following questions:

• Considering the Elora Jean &amp; Co. work environment and history (124 employees, in business for 18 months, mix of union and nonunion), is the company currently exposed to any legal risk by not having a defined leave policy in place? If so, what are the risks and the penalties for violation?

NOTE: Company is out of compliance and at risk for legal action. What are the penalties? Discuss this point in the beginning.

• Of the 4 employee cases described, discuss whether each one would qualify for FMLA leave. Why or why not?

NOTE: Address each employee scenario while addressing FMLA guidelines. Corse material does a good job outlining FMLA. ( website – look on right side of page)

NOTE – Resource for assignment:

• For employees who do not qualify under FMLA, what would you recommend to the company? Explain other employee leave options for the company without compromising the company’s financial objectives.

• Develop a sample leave policy to be presented to the company owner. Be sure that the policy covers the key components of a comprehensive leave policy, including requirements for eligibility, leave benefits provided, job restoration, pay, and benefits status while on leave. Outline a summary of your recommendations to the company owner, and advise her about the value of implementing this type of policy.

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