Chicago Style Paper

We are your one stop site for Chicago style papers including Chicago style term papers, Chicago style research papers, Chicago style essays or dissertations. Many students find it challenging to complete any Chicago style paper. This citation style is mainly used in history and other humanities. The style uses foot notes for in-text referencing. The Chicago style paper should have a bibliography at the end of the paper to list the sources that were used to draw up the academic paper.

Here are a few features that should be included in a Chicago style paper:

1) Footnotes should be numbered in order in the entire paper. The numbers are superscripted when doing in-text citation.

2) Author names are cited as they appear in the texts. The first names are not replaced with initials.

3) The font used is Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced. However, the footnotes are single spaced. The footnotes are numbered throughout and are not numbered according to the pages.

4) It has a title page which contains the title, student’s name, the course, and submission date.

5) The numbering of pages begins after the title page.

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Chicago Style Paper

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