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Student life can be one of the best or worst experiences, depending on what you have going for you. What we must agree on is the fact that achieving high grades makes school a whole lot easier and fun. Remember, the primary reason you are in school is to pass. One concern with all students is always whether they will pass. That is a problem in itself and our company has the solution. Before we talk about our custom writing service, think about this for a second:

custom writing service - late submission

When was the last time you submitted a paper long before the deadline?


In our experience, 60% of students always procrastinate working on assignments until it is too late. They then rush over the assignment in a bid to beat the deadline. The result: poor grades and devastation!

Here’s the thing. It all becomes too normal. Work under pressure of the deadline, submit, get poor grades and think, “Well, at least it wasn’t a zero, right?”

And the cycle continues.

After you are done with school, it all becomes clear that you should have put a bit more effort in your school work.

What if you had the opportunity to get a custom writing service that understands your needs as a student? A custom writing service that is cheap and delivers unparalleled quality, a custom writing service that offers original papers customized ONLY TO YOU – the idea is enticing, isn’t it?

When was the last time you handed in five assignments consecutively, and they were all well written, timely, non-plagiarized, well organized, and covered all instructions? It would be refreshing to be relaxed when deadlines approach; now wouldn’t it?

It is time to break the cycle.

How to break the cycle

Our custom writing service is a favorite for many students across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Australia and all over the world. We match these students with above-average-in-talent writers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Africa. It has been a fulfilling experience students getting back to us about how impressed their professors were and how incredible their grades had turned for the better. See our other service here.

We are in the business of customer satisfaction. We are in the business of relieving students’ stress. We are in the business of passing on knowledge to our clients. We want to teach our students what makes a good academic paper. Writing is a skill that becomes better with practice. We have had five years of practice and guarantee a custom writing service that will be enlightening for any student. Our custom writing service provides original material that you can use confidently.

custom writing service - break the cycle


What sets us apart from 100’s of other custom writing service USA companies?

1) Quality – The only reason we enjoy being in this business is because we want to make a difference. Student’s feedback this far has been positive, and we feel like we are making an impact. We offer non-plagiarized essays, essays written from scratch, academic papers with logical arguments, well-organized essays, and all essentials in any academic paper.

2) Money back policy – In case you have a paper that requires revision and a period of two weeks elapses, and you are not satisfied, we can offer you a refund. However, our support team has to determine that your grievance is genuine.

3) Timely delivery– We deliver on time. 98.32% of our orders are delivered on time.

4) Cost friendly – Our custom writing service charges were set up after numerous surveys in collaboration with students in real universities. We have set our pricing policy in a way that it is fair to our clients and our writers.

5) Customer support – Our customer support staff are never agitated by questions. We take any questions you have and get back to you as soon as we can through our simple email system.

6) Honesty – The Internet is a maze when it comes to finding honest service providers. We are always honest in matters regarding your order. We want you to keep doing business with us. In this regard, we would not want to lose you as our client.

7) We want to educate rather than make you dependent. With continuous use of our services, you will soon grow your wings and master the writing process.


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