Q: What does Essaywriterspark.com do?

A: We write for you academic research papers, term papers, academic essays, customized web content, articles, dissertations, theses, academic writing services, and any custom writing work in any subject; be it Sociology, Criminal Justice, Business, English, Nursing, Criminology, Religious Studies, and many other fields. We also offer proofreading and editing.

Q: How confidential is the information I provide?

A: When you place an essay order with us, we will only ask for your name, Email and Skype ID. Essaywriterspark.com only uses this information for our records. We do not distribute information to third parties. It is for our eyes only and we understand that clients want to remain anonymous. Do not accept to pay to people who call you via phone. Use our online platform to pay. Our representatives will never ask for credit card details through phone conversations.

You can be assured the paper you get is strictly yours and has not been used anywhere. It will never be used anywhere else either. Customers hold the copyright to the paper once they complete the payment and receive the paper.

Q: Why do you charge those prices?

A: We want to be fair to clients because we understand you are a student. However, we also want to maintain quality and offer you the best. The prices we have set are fair to both our writers and to you. Weigh your options and assess the quality you get. Try us and see our quality.

Q: Is the cost inclusive of title pages, references page and table of contents?

A: No. Title pages, references pages, and table of contents are all free. We offer those for free.

Q: Who will write my essay?

A: Our team of talented writers consists of people with undergraduate and master’s degrees from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, among others. We recruit through a rigorous process that tests skill, talent, and ethics. We follow strict guidelines in our work, and each writer is continuously assessed to maintain high standards. We do not allow writers to be lax at any point. Our quality assurance team is always on the lookout for writers found to disregard to work ethic.

Q: Are the papers you submit to clients retrieved from a database?

A: NO. All the papers we give to our clients are written from scratch.

Q: What happens with late papers?

A: In case the deadline has passed, and you have not received your order, contact us immediately. There are several reasons why this can occur. Maybe your email directs the order from us to your spam folder. Check all your folders including spam folders to ensure that it is not lost in your mail. Also, it could also be that the writer is waiting for communication from you about a specific issue. It could also be that the quality assurance team is reviewing your paper for plagiarism. Our team will always contact you if there is a reason for an extension of a deadline. However, this happens in rare instances. Our work is always delivered on time in most cases.

Q: What is your stand on plagiarism?

A: Essaywriterspark.com has zero tolerance on plagiarism. We have professional writers who know how to avoid plagiarism and measures to prevent it. We terminate services of any writer who is found to plagiarize their work. So far, we have not encountered plagiarized essays, and we have not had any complaints of the same because our papers have to be passed through plagiarism checkers and grammar checkers before submission to our clients. In case of such an encounter contact us immediately.

Q: Do you do multiple choice questions?

A: NO. Students are encouraged to pass exams on their own.

Q: Which mode of payment do you use?

A: We accept PayPal payments.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Our customer support is always ready to answer your questions. Email us on support@essaywriterspark.com. Reach us on Skype

Q: Do you offer money back guarantees?

A: Yes we do. However, our writers are highly professional, so we have not seen refund cases. In case you are not contented with a paper, you can request for unlimited revisions within 14 days. You can message your instructions and ask the writer to fix the areas of the paper you want. Alternatively, you can request for a different writer. If you are still not satisfied, and our support team determines that your paper not be up to standard, you can get your money back. The support team determines how much you receive back. If it is a refund required because you changed your mind about using our services, you can receive it in full in 5 business days.

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